In 2018, Ashley Wright, owner of Puerto Rico Destination Weddings Inc., was looking for a special piece of property to call her own. She heard about an empty lot in the Isabela barrio on a cliff overlooking the sea with absolutely stunning views, and knew she needed to check it out.

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Like many people, she’d lived years in Isabela and didn’t even know where she was going. She drove through the town plaza and a mile through a busy working class neighborhood buzzing with local families.

She turned onto Calle Girasol (‘Sunflower Street’) and walked onto the most breathtaking and magestic 1.5 acres she’d ever seen. It brought tears to her eyes, as it does most visitors. She knew that this was the place. What she didn’t quite know yet is what it would grow to become.

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Her first meeting was with the postman, who said she could pick a number between 206 and 232 for the street address. 222 had a nice ring to it, so 222 Calle Girasol became the fortuitous address, and Hacienda222 became the brand name we all stand behind. And, it made Hacienda222’s meaningful groundbreaking dedication four years later on 2/2/22 at 2.22 pm!

Just like Puerto Rico, our Hacienda222 community is everything, and all our visitors love the vibe it creates. We lived on Hacienda222 in a trailer for more than three years (yes, you’ll still see some photos around) until a neighbor sold us a nearby small cement casita in his family in the 1940s. When we needed office space, we went to our community again. We bought the abandoned Colmado (think local neighborhood 7-11) across the street and lovingly restored it to a beautiful open-plan office and event space. Local artists and craftsmen have made it all what it is.

Our team is much like Puerto Rico, a big melting pot of culture and personality. We’re all bi-lingual and bi-cultural and love each other like the family we’ve grown to become as we’ve built this amazing world of Hacienda222. Not only do we employ world-class professionals who’ve found or returned to their forever homes and families in Puerto Rico, but we’ve also created jobs and job training for our neighbors and island. We’re proud to have a minimum living wage and an inclusive team of hundreds that work tirelessly to bring you your stunning and authentic Puerto Rican celebration!